Agustus 09, 2016

The Light of ACEH

Have you heard the story, about a beautiful place? A place that makes you feel restful in the midst of the people, who live in religious harmony.
A place that makes you feel like home. Makes you curious for more adventure.
Perhaps you've heard this story. About a land which has tradition so diverse.
That you can see them. Through the beauty of woven fabrics or smell them. Through the scent of coffee that wafted into the air.
If you never heard it before, you may now find it intriguing. You may want to know every square inch of this place.
From the beauty of its land to the depths of the sea with its amazing biodiversity.
Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. So start your journey.
Travel to the place where the story is. Feel the sea breeze caressing your face and the sound of the waves breaking your consciousness.
Meet the friendly people. Who will welcome you with their warmth.
Welcoming guests is their tradition.The light of Aceh. Wonderful Indonesia.

Perhaps, I've been busy exploring the world. But, do you know what? I do really love Indonesia, and also I love Aceh. I hope this video will makes you love Aceh as I always do. And I hope, this video will be viewed by million viewer of my blog (my blog being viewed by more than 7 million people up to this month).



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