Juli 09, 2017

Travelling to Western Aceh

So many people asked me to write a blog using English language. So I can give so many information to the people all around the world. English like a second language to me but not for the people around me especially my Mom. Mom always read my blog everywhere and everytime so it's not easy for her to read an English-language blog. Because blog just like a report about my life for her, as my respect, i have to write every posts using Bahasa Indonesia.

Well, i just wanna inform the world a very beautiful place on western Aceh. This is my first time went here and I would definitely come here again. A week ago, I visited my aunty in Meulaboh, a city in West Aceh. While I live in Matang City, North Aceh, I have to drive 8 hours to Meulaboh from Matang. I stop by Banda Aceh, lunch, and continue on driving. Do you know what, we have to cross 3 mountains after 1-2 hours driving from Banda Aceh, and the magnificent scenery was found along the way when we drove to the top of Mount Geurutee.
Lampuuk Beach
West Aceh Coast
Lhong Coast
Sunset from Mount Geurutee
Let's eat Indomie and drink Aqua
If you want to visit this place, you can fly from Kuala Lumpur to Banda Aceh using Air Asia. Then just rent a car to Puncak Geurutee, lunch, having fun, and enjoy every wonderful scenery.

Nanti saya akan menuliskan cerita lengkapnya dalam bahasa Indonesia. Stay tuned!


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