November 13, 2022

West Africa Export-Import Scam Part 3

Before reading this Part Three, I suggest you to read Part One and Part Two just by clicking the link below:

Let's continue this game🤩. I sent them the Proforma Invoice to Foundation of Trade Union (FTU) and they replied me with a Letter of Intent (LOI) and my Proforma Invoice stamped by APPROVED. The Subject email was really tempting : Congratulations for Your Company Winning the Huge Contract Project.🤭🤭. I will comment the paragraph using the green color text.



We are glad to open official Business communications with you and your good firm - PT.ORGANIK SEJAHTERA INDONESIA after we have approved your Proforma Invoice today. We must confess to you that it wasn't easy for me and my Secretary for your Proforma Invoice to be approved today after our Executive Meetings which we concluded today. (Ahh, really?🤭)

My dear, you and your company must not make any form of delay over this Contract Project because of what I and my Secretary passed through before this Proforma Invoice could be approved.

We congratulate you and your company for winning this Contract Project because many companies applied for this Contract but, your company was chosen and therefore, won this Contract Project from our Noble Organization, Foundation of Trade Union (FTU).

We have attached these two (2) documents in this email :

1.Letter Of Intent (LOI)
2.The Approved Invoice

In the Documents, you have been instructed what you should provide before we will immediately transfer your advance payment into your bank account from anyone of these three countries : TOGO, NETHERLANDS or DUBAI within 48 hours you have provided all the requirements. 
(OK within 48 hours I have to finish every certification, Company Licenses, etc. Does it make any sense? Eh, you've said that we should sign the MoU in Dubai but now they said 'I will get the advance payment from anyone of these countries'. Really?😅😅 Who is that who wanna transfer me?)

For the Quality Approved Certificate, you are requested to contact this legal person in authority immediately and solicit with him and also, comply with him for the Quality Approved Certificate:
(Another new player)

HONKOU Akou Nadege

He will tell you all the requirements and the cost of the Quality Approved Certificate which as you mmet uo all the requirements and the require fee,he will issue you the Quality Approved Certificate. (Remember, the cost!)

It's our great pleasure to award this Contract to your company and for you to become our Prime Supplier of the products and even any other products we want and as well,for you to take part of our second project.For the samples,kindly contact Mr. Williams Smith and send the sample through him just a very small quantity.He will direct you to send the sample to him.

Once again, we salute you and your company - PT.ORGANIK SEJAHTERA INDONESIA for winning this Huge Contract Project from our noble company! and good luck to you !!

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Dikan Joel (Chairman)
Foundation of Trade Union (FTU)

All I've done when reading his email was applauding them👏👏👏. And you know? They even forgot to attach these two documents until I ask them to resend the documents😓. Just click on the picture to Zoom in.
(Just read how many documents needed for this contract)
Based on those documents, we can say that they really meant to do the scam. They have a stamp, they printed my Proforma Invoice, stamped and signed it, scanned it, then send back to me together with LOI that seemed to be very valid.

Now, let's contact Mr. HONKOU Akou Nadege for certification. I also asked him why Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) unacceptable in Togo but it's acceptable in most of African countries and the world. Look what he said.





(Government right? OK, let me asked their government)

(The number means MANY)

(Why should we register our company in Togo?)




I sent an email again to FTU and they replied me to send the sample to Mr. William Smith. It's confusing. I need the certification from Mr. Houkou, and why I give the sample to Mr. Smith? It's just like when I need to register Halal certificate in Indonesia, why should I send the sample of my food to the other party who don't even relate to them. Ok, just following the flow. I sent email (again) to Mr. Smith. Oh Allah, it's really tiring😓 yet exciting😌.

Dear Meutia Halida Khairani,

Now, it's left for your company to do her part to make sure all the Terms and Conditions of the Contract you shall observe them. That is, all the requirements from your side, you have to do it and provide to them anything which they shall require from your company to do and to provide.

For the sample, you can send any sample of the COCONUT SHELL CHARCOAL in HEAGONAL SHAPE and in CUBE SHAPE just 1 per each and send it by FEDEX as below:
(Just 1 each? Really? How to send Only ONE briquette? It's very small and we have to send it to Africa. It'll break apart if it's only one. OK, ONE!)

ATTENTION: MR. JOHN E. OKEBE (MANGER) (I thought 'Manger' is what? Lately I know this is Manager. Typo again. I thought in Bahasa this is Ma-Ger, Malas Gerak means lazy😂😂)
TELEPHONE: +22 8 90 85 10 18

As soon as you send out the sample by FEDEX, give me the tracking number.

Regards to the extra $20 / Ton which I added on top of the prices, it gives the sum of $5 000 000. This is what you shall, as you receive your payment into your bank account, deduct the $5 000 000 from the payment. Then from the $5 000 000, deduct all your expenses you do and keep the balance until I advise you shall do with it. I hope you are okay by this idea. Send the sample between today and tomorrow and send me the tracking number.

Best regards,
Mr. Williams Smith

I asked DHL who work with Aspenku (a marketplace created by PT. Aplikasi Penunjang Ekonomi Nasional owned by Mr. Rachmat) about the shipping cost to Togo. It's only one million rupiahs but I don't want to pay anything to support them. Then I remembered I have an email account from Italy that I've created to bypassed the server (I am an IT Woman by the way). I sent the email to FTU.
So, this FTU replied me with the good will. I once intended to bypass Mr. Smith, but well I don't have time to play around again.

My CEO then asked the fellow suppliers how to send the sample with lowest cost. They suggest us to send it via Diaspora (a community in Indonesia) who travel there. We don't give the sample to Diaspora. I have contacted the Indonesia Embassy in Nigeria (Indonesia only have one embassy in West Africa) to asked about the Certification.
After I got a lot of information, I replied to Mr. Smith first.

Dear Mr. William Smith,

Today I've checked the shipping cost to Togo from Indonesia via FEDEX and it was so expensive. It's about $350 per kg so I thought it's not worthy.

Then I contacted the Indonesia - Nigeria Embassy in our country if there's any of their team member will go back to Africa within this week? And the good news is, there's a member of the consulate going back to Nigeria this weekend. So I have given him the sample you've requested, they will bring it to Nigeria, and they will send to Togo via local post. It reduces the shipping cost for almost 80%.

If there's any restriction sending the charcoal to Togo, our consulate will contact any embassy in Togo such as U.S. Embassy for the documentation needed. I also have given your contact to the consulate and the address of MR. JOHN E. OKEBE (MANGER). If they have arrived and send you the package, I will let you know.

Thank you.
Warm Regards,
Meutia Halida Khairani

And then Mr. Honkou...


I have given my product sample to Indonesia - Nigeria Embassy representative who will go back to Nigeria this weekend. Once they arrived to Nigeria, they will send the sample to FTU via local post.

About the Quality Approve Certificate and Our Company Registration in Togo, I have asked our Consulate to help to proceed it because the product sample is now with them. So it's OK, they will take care it for us. Once our consulate go back to Nigeria, they will contact any embassy in Togo such as U.S. Embassy for the documentation needed. I also have given your contact to them, wether they would contact you.

Thank you again for your help.

Meutia Halida Khairani

After I sent them a message, I slept. I know it'd be more exciting in the Shubuh. When I woke up, like I guessed before. I got 3 emails from them and all of them so funny🤣🤣🤣. I will post my reply to them for the last time, following the email they've sent to me.

Dear Meutia Halida Khairani,

I got your mail with annoyance today. I'm not happy with you at all today. (So what if you're not happy?) How could you contact your Consulate and handed the sample to them to bring to us? Where were they before and they didn't find and get any Contract for your company? (The consulate duty is not to look for the contract but to facilitate)

We finished our meeting this evening involving : FTU, the lawyer and myself regards to this. At the meeting, we concluded that if your company does not stop your Consulate from this Contract Project, FTU shall remove your company's name from the Contract Project and then, re-award it to another company immediately. (Uh, wow!)

If you don't stop them and collect back the sample from them, if they contact us for the sample, we shall ignore them either they shall use the sample or, they shall send it back to your company.

FTU and the lawyer are capable to handle any documents that shall be required for the exportation and importation of the Charcoal for your information. It's FTU shall buy and see the Charcoal and not your Consulate.

The lawyer said that, you have instructed your Consulate to do both the registration of your company and to obtain the Quality Approved Certificate for your company. It's better for you to stop them right now or, FTU shall cancel the Contract and therefore, award it to another company. You have told that many companies are interested on this Contract and finally, it was awarded to your company and now, you want to hand everything to your Consulate. (Yeah, I trusted my Consulate beyond all of your bluffing).

It's the lawyer shall do the registration for your company and he is the one to get the Quality Approved Certificate for your company. All the documentations regard to this Contract, it's the lawyer shall handle it and no other person. So, if you are not okay for this, forget this Contract.

I have told you that, the extra $20 / Ton I added on top of the prices gives: $5, 000, 000. I told you that, you shall do all the expenses and when you receive your payment, you have to deduct the $5,000, 000 from the payment. Then, from the $5, 000, 000, deduct all your expenses and keep the balance. (Why don't you transfer me first?)

So, any expenses you shall do, record it down and when you receive your payment, deduct all the expenses from the $5, 000, 000 and keep the balance. If you are not okay by this, leave this Contract so that, it can be awarded to another company. I need your urgent confirmation as you get this mail.

Best regards,
Mr. Williams Smith

Then this is my reply, sya-la-la-la🎶🎶

Dear Mr. William Smith,

Hey, easy man. My consulate just bring the sample as you requested. Is it wrong? It's really weird that you asked me to stop my consulate to obtain the Quality Approved Certificate and Company Registration for my company legally as a requirement from FTU. My consulate has contacted the U.S. Embassy lawyer in Togo about this certificate, and you should have known what is their answer. Here in Indonesia, we also have the corporate lawyer so we've known every detail what is the duty of lawyer.

You have told me that, the extra $20 / Ton added on top of the prices to cover all our expenses and keep the balance. Then why don't you just transfer it first to my company bank account? So we can cover the expenses. We just want my Consulate to facilitate us to overcome a very high shipping cost and the certifications requested. What's the problem with it?

I've handed over your email address, the addresses you gave me to send the sample also your address and contact, the Contract, all of them to my consulate, and they've forwarded it to the Government of Togo, and the U.S. Embassy in Togo. My Consulate also facilitate me contact the government in Togo via It takes 1 business day to got a reply from your government. You should've known what the reply is.

If you asked me to forget this contract, then I can't even forget. With the weirdness, how could I forget it? I will remember this forever.

Very Warm Regards,

OK now, let's read the email from Mr. Honkou. The Subject is : FOR YOUR INFORMATION! Wow, scary~

Dear Meutia Halida Khairani,

I received your email in the afternoon and I was not happy with you.You let me down. (Huhuhu so sad😢, how could the lawyer be this emotional and dramatic?😂) I'm here for you and your company but you have the audocity to hand my legal duty to your Consulate to handle for your company. How can it happen like that? It's not possible !

Instead of your company to hand the Contract to your Consulate,it's better you forfait this Contract. That is, it better your company loses this Contract.Don't try to send any sample through your Consulate at all ! Also, don't attempt to ask your Consulate to do the registration of your company in Togo and to obtain the Quality Approved Certificate for your company.

If you insist not to stop them, let them not dare contact me. If they try to contact me, I shall not respond or reply to them until the end of this world (The Legal Department said Until the end of the world? WAKOAWAKOAK🤣🤣). I'm capable to handle any documents concerning this Contract.

I advise you to go and collect back the sample from them and tell them not to contact any of us at all.I'm here for your company till you receive your full advance payment into your bank account and do the supply of the products to FTU.

If you don't agree with me, stop writing to me again.

Yours in service,


I copied and pasted this email to my team and they bullied it even until now🤣. Oh come on, until the end of the world? I will love you maybe🎶. Ok, here's my reply.

Dear Mr. Honkou,

My consulate already has the sample. They also already contact the U.S Embassy in Togo asking about the Company Registration and 'the number of' Quality Approved Certificate that you've requested. You said that we have only 48 hours to issue the certificate, so Me and My Consulate really need to hurry right?

You've said "WITHOUT THIS QUALITY APPROVED CERTIFICATE, GOVERNMENT WILL CEASE THEIR MONEY CLAIMING THE WANT TO TRANSFER THE MONEY INTO THEIR FOREIGN ACCOUNTS." My consulate has facilitated me to contact the government in Togo via asking about your statement. It takes 1 business day to got a reply from your government. You should've known what the reply is.

I've handed over your email address, your name, to my consulate, and they've forwarded it to the Government of Togo, and the U.S. Embassy in Togo. If you will not respond or reply to them until the end of this world, then they will visit you soon. If you're not at home, then they will look for you... until the end of world.

YEAY I'm so excited!

Warm Regards,

Now let's read the email from the Chairman. Even though I was not send him an email.

Dear Meutia Halida Khairani,

We just concluded our meeting this evening with the lawyer and Mr. Williams Smith concerning your action and your company.

According to Mr. HONKOU Akou and Mr. Williams Smith, they told us that your have handed everything to your Consulate both in Togo and in Nigeria to handle this Contract Project for your company by giving them samples to bring to Mr. Williams Smith and for them to do the registration of your company in Togo and as well as to get the Quality Approved Certificate for your company. If this is true, we will not proceed with your company for this Contract. We will coancel this Contract with your company and reaward it to another company.

Where was your Consulate to get your company a Contract Project like this one? Unless you stop them immediately before we can proceed with your company if not,we will cancel the Contract and then,reaward it to another company. (They don't even know what is the function of a Consulate)

We just finish our meeting with the lawyer and Mr. Williams Smith and we are sure they will write to you as well when they get to their offices.We don't want any delay.It's better you don't send the sample at all instead of your company to hand everything to your Consulate.We don't agree this and will not accept it at all.

We want your urgent reply as soon as you get this mail that you have stopped your Consulate.If not,when they contact us, we will not respond to them at all.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Dikan Joel (Chairman)
Foundation of Trade Union (FTU)

Another man who scares. Ok, let me reply.

Dear Dr. Dikan Joel,

It's really weird. My consulate JUST bring the sample as you requested. Is it wrong? The regulation in our country stated that a huge amount of contract must be known by the Consulate of the Country we wanted to do business. Also we have to contact the ITPC (Indonesia Trade Promotion Center) in Africa. The good news is, their headquarter is in Nigeria and they're always sharing information with every U.S Embassy in West Africa countries. It is just a usual thing we've done in this export-import business and you have a problem with it?

But it's OK. I've handed over your email address, your stamp and signed LOI, the Proforma Invoice, all to my consulate, and they've forwarded it to the Government of Togo, and the U.S. Embassy in Togo. My consulate facilitated me contact the government in Togo via It takes 1 business day to got a reply from your government. You should've known what the reply is.

I'm looking forward to any information collected by our consulate. Please pray for them so they have a safe flight back to Nigeria and bringing the sample you've requested.


After all of those emails, they never reply me again. It seems empty when I woke up to pray Shubuh, there's no email from them which makes me laugh hard😂. I have reported them to the interpol, to their government, to Indonesia embassy in Nigeria, to U.S embassy in Togo, and some other parties. Let them do the rest. I hope there's no victim.

Lesson learned from this:
  1. Don't ever trust any SUPER HUGE contract with only an email. If they really wanted to do business with you, they'll visit you and call you immediately just like the buyers who contacted my company.
  2. Don't ever transfer anything. Even it's only for the certification.
  3. Stalking is a must. Just open Google then find them.
  4. Always asking to the fellow exporters, ITPC, or our Consulate in the country we want to do business. They have so many information needed by us.
  5. Just follow their play so you will know which part they will ask money from you.
  6. Also, follow your common sense, your feeling.
If there's anything I can help, just drop the comment. I hope these posts from me will warn you that so many cyber scammers nowadays. 

May Allah subhanahu wata'ala always protect us from the bad people...💕

November 12, 2022

West Africa Export-Import Scam Part 2

Before reading this Part Two, I suggest you to read Part One just by clicking the link below:

Ok, this time I would discuss the fantastic contract (of course fake) he gave me. I will directly give the comment using the colored green text.

Payment Terms and Contract Terms and Conditions (they named it)

Dear Meutia Halida Khairani,

How are you doing today? I hope you are fine and doing very well. I'm fine and doing very well from my side. Thanks for your mail with the content noted.

I wish to let you know you that I have finally, submitted the prices of the product: BRIQUETTE : COCONUT SHELL CHARCOA to the company by name, Foundation of Trade Union (FTU).
(Typo Charcoa. Is the contract can be typo? If you look into this contract carefully, you'll find so many typo)

It took me a very long time before I was able to convince them to collect the prices from me, because, they feared that your company may not be able to obtain a Quality Approved Certificate in Togo and also, to sign and legalize their Original Contract Agreement Documents which shall grant and warrant the transfer of your advance payment into your bank account. So, because there are so many companies lined up for this Contract project, I assured them you shall do everything that shall be required from you and even to do it on time. Finally, they collected the prices from me and released their Payment Terms and Contract Terms and Conditions to me for you to go through and confirm to them before they shall know whether to approve the prices or not.
(Quality Approved Certificate is one of the main BIG problem here)

I added the extra $20 /MT on top of the prices before I submitted the prices to them. If they approve the prices and award the Contract to your company, I shall tell you what you shall do with it. Kindly call me as you receive this mail for us to discuss okay. (I didn't call him, what for?)

Payment Terms and Contract Terms and Conditions:
    1. We, Foundation of Trade Union (FTU), the buyer of the products as - BRIQUETTE COCONUT SHELL CHARCOA (typo again). as under mentioned:
  1. COCO BRIQUETTE : COCONUT SHELL CHARCOAL - $1520 / Ton Qty. 50 000 Tons = $76 000 000
  2. COCO BRIQUETTE: COCONUT SHELL CHARCOAL - $1220 / Ton Qty. 50 000 Tons = $61 000 000
  3. COCO BRIQUETTE: COCONUT SHELL CHARCOAL (Silver) - $1420 / Ton Qty. 50 000 Tons = $71 000 000
  4. COCO BRIQUETTE: COCONUT SHELL CHARCOAL (Gold°   - $1520 / Tons Qty. 50 O00 Tons = $76 000 000
  5. COCO BRIQUETTE: COCONUT SHELL CHARCOAL (Diamond) - $1620 / Tons Qty.50 000 Tons = $81 000 000
Total Contract Order : 250 000 Tons for the period of 3 years.

Contract Amount: $365 000 000.(Three Hundred and Sixty-Five Million United States Dollars only).
(He said $365 000 000 in ONLY, Wow!😱)

confirm to make your payment by t/t in advance. We will transfer your first 70% advance payment into your bank account within 48 hours after your company - PT. ORGANIK SEJAHTERA INDONESIA has completed all our Contract Terms & Conditions / Requirements / Formalities to enable your company starts the production of the Products.
(Is it too fast and too good to be true?)

2. We will transfer the balance of the 30% into your bank account as soon as you confirm that, the first shipment is ready to be shipped to enable your company commences the shipment.
(I have already asked them how many MT or containers for the first shipment but they didn't seem to understand. Of course they didn't)

3. Note that, without your company - PT. ORGANIK SEJAHTERA INDONESIA - completes all our Contract Terms & Conditions / Requirements / Formalities, there will be no payment to be transferred to your company. This is because, all the documents and Certificates that are required from your company must be submitted to our bank for your FOREIGN EXCHANGE ALLOCATIONS and payment approval prior transfer into your bank account.
(Noted, all the documents and certificates, OK?)
4. The Contract Terms & Conditions / Requirements / Formalities here include the followings :
  •  a. Signing & Legalizing our Original Contract Agreement Documents in one of these three (3) countries: Togo, Netherlands or Dubai only. That is, it's after your company has obtained a QUALITY APPROVED CERTIFICATE, SIGNED & LEGALIZED our Original Contract Agreement in one of the three countries mentioned before we will transfer your first 70% Advance Payment into your bank account.
(QUALITY APPROVED CERTIFICATE again? And Signing & Legalizing our Original Contract Agreement Documents in one of these three (3) countries: Togo, Netherlands or Dubai only? I thought that I can fly to Dubai for vacation if this contract were true😆😆).

  • b. Presentation of the products' physical samples. Your company has to present physical sample of the products before we will transfer your advance payment into your bank account.
(Where to present? I asked them to schedule the online meeting but they never wanted to. Lately I know, they asked us to send the sample, not to present like giving presentation) 

  • c. Presentation of Quality Approved Certificate obtained from here in Togo. That is, your company (PT. ORGANIK SEJAHTERA INDONESIA) MUST obtain a Quality Approved Certificate in Togo which will be attached on the Proforma Invoice you will issue to us and together with the Signed & Legalized Original Contract Agreement Documents prior submission to our bank for your Foreign Exchange Allocations and your Payment Transfer into your bank account which you will nominate or provide. This means that without you obtain the QUALITY APPROVED CERTIFICATE, NO PAYMENT TO BE TRANSFERRED TO YOUR COMPANY.

  • d. A Copy of Your Signed Payment Release Order Note (YSPRON). (I never knew what is this?)    
5. You have to make first shipment between 45 days minimum and 60 days maximum after the receipt of your full advance payment into your bank account.
(How many containers? They never answer, yeah because they don't know)   

6. The Port of discharge : Lomé Sea Port, Togo.(but FOB is also, acceptable).

7.  Contract Duration - 36 Months.(Then, there must be a clause on the Agreement that, when there is an increase in prices, PT. ORGANIK SEJAHTERA INDONESIA has to notify our company to transfer the balance to your company till you finish the supply the quantity we require).
(I thought they would lock the price so if there's any increase, they don't suffer for the price difference) 

8. Quantity required: 250 000 MT.

9. Your company - PT. ORGANIK SEJAHTERA INDONESIA , has a Legal Right to sue our company / firm (Foundation of Trade Union - FTU) to a law court and make claims of both liquid and material damages if after 48 hours PT. ORGANIK SEJAHTERA INDONESIA has completed all our Contract Terms & Conditions as already stated on the above but, Foundation Of Trade Union delays to transfer your advance payment into your bank account which your company will nominate or provide to us.

10.Likewise, our firm - FOUNDATION OF TRADE UNION (FTU) has the legal right to sue PT. ORGANIK SEJAHTERA INDONESIA to a court and make claims of both liquid and material damages if after transferring your full advance payment into your bank account but, your company - PT. ORGANIK SEJAHTERA INDONESIA . fails to supply our firm accurate quantity and quality of the goods agreed upon. (Honestly, I don't understand)

11. Regards to how you will apply and get the Quality Approved Certificate, you will be directed to apply and obtain it as soon as we approve the prices and send our Letter Of Intent (LOI) to you.
(Remember, this certificate again)

May you go through our Contract Terms and Conditions and confirm same to us. Upon your acceptance, we will open up business communications with your company direct. We want to use this medium to inform you we will make your company - PT. ORGANIK SEJAHTERA INDONESIA . our Prime Supplier of the product. This means we will not import the products from any other company in the world. Also, any other products we may be in need, we have to pass it to your company to do the supplying to us (that is, you can get the supplier, negotiate with them and then, supply the goods to us).

Foundation of Trade Union (FTU).

The above are their Payment Terms and Contract Terms and Conditions for you to go through and confirm too. It shall be a great pleasure for your company to be awarded the Contract Project to.

I hope for your reply as soon as you get this mail. Please, don't delay to reply to me for me to give them feedback. Also, call me as you get this mail for us to discuss on phone.

Best regards,
Mr. Williams Smith124 Rue De Anihoe
Tel +22 8 90 85 10 18
Email :

I replied him and asked again and again about the meeting to discuss this contract. How could this fantastic contract never being discussed by both companies? 

Dear Meutia Halida Khairani,

Thanks for your mail. I shall call you for us to discuss when you have given your positive confirmation on the Contract Terms and Conditions.

Best regards,
Mr. Williams Smith

Urgh, I was annoyed😡, but still stay calm😇. The thing that confusing again is the Confirmation Letter. What is that? I have never heard about that. Then I asked my team, we googled it and found an example of the letter.

After I submit this letter, I slept. When I woke up for Shubuh praying, I read the reply, an unusual and weird reply like before😅😅😅😅😅😅😅.

Dear Meutia Halida Khairani,

How are you doing today? I hope you are fine and doing very great. I'm fine too and doing very well.


This is really good news! We have made it despite all the struggles and challenges I passed through since yesterday till today. At the end, victory is ours. I'm very happy to share this wonderful Good News with you and your company. Foundation of Trade Union, FTU has approved your prices and therefore, awarded the Contract Project to your company - PT. ORGANIK SEJAHTERA INDONESIA to supply them the below mentioned Products and quantity per each item for the period of 3 years. Prepare the Proforma Invoice and send to them. This is a very huge Contract and so, your company has to comply with them by following their guidelines and instructions in order to avoid making any mistakes.

They request you to use their full contact details below to prepare the Proforma Invoice and send it to them for them to go through it before they shall approve the Invoice. See their full contact details below and use it and prepare the Invoice and send it to them after you have signed and stamped the Invoice:

Foundation of Trade Union (FTU)
Attn:  Dr. Dikan Joel (Chairman)
Add : N°. 225, Bvd. 13, Janvier,
BP: 13870, Lome Centrale Ville,
Tel: +228 220 72 69,
Direct: +228 90 04 40 87,
Fax: +228 220 72 699,

But before you shall send the Proforma Invoice to them, I want you to prepare the Invoice, sign and stamp it and send it to me first to go through it before you can send it to them. I hope when you send the Proforma Invoice to them and after they approve it then, they shall tell you the next thing you shall do. I want you to comply with them for the smooth and easy running and execution of this Contract.

I shall tell you what you shall do with the extra $20 as soon as they approve the Invoice you shall send to them. I want your company to give them maximum cooperation they need in the execution of this Contract. It was not easy for me at all today because, so many people submitted their own prices on this Contract Project and they wanted to award the Contract to another company as they fear that your company may disappoint them because of the QUALITY APPROVED CERTIFICATE and the SIGNING OF THE ORGINAL CONTRACT AGREEMENT DOCUMENTS and as well as the samples. I told them that your company is waiting for them to approve their prices for you to start immediately. Then, they agreed to approve the prices and finally, awarded the Contract to your company - PT. ORGANIK SEJAHTERA INDONESIA.

I hope to receive the Invoice from you so that, I can go through it before you shall send it to them. You send them the CONTRACT TERMS AND CONDITIONS ACCEPTANCE LETTER now and immediately.

Best regards,
Mr. Williams Smith
Ubione Investment Company
124 Rue De Anihoe
Tel: +22 8 90 85 10 18
Lome, Togo​​

I read this email and laughing😂. How could this Mr. Smith really excited with all those lies? Maybe because he'll get the $20 for each kg and for 250 000MT, he will get ONLY $5 million😪.

The thing must be finished first was to stalk them. I asked my team in my company 'Rancupid' to look for any information about them. We googled their address, their names, their phone numbers, and the result is nothing. How could a Chairman of a Trading Company never be written even a word at the internet? We even stalked Lome on the instagram, the address, the Restaurant, the Hotel near their address, and retrieved nothing about their company.

My CEO at PT. Organik Sejahtera Indonesia once said, her friend of the family (just named him Rudi) has ever gotten a contract like this and everything was gone very smooth. Rudi said he was also being invited to the Middle East country (I forget either Saudi Arabia or Qatar) to sign the MoU and the flight ticket, the hotel, those all free. Wow, I really wanted that condition, Vacation to Dubai😎, but my common sense said otherwise. 

When in doubt, I called Ms. Mila, a team member of Mr. Nursyamsu (an exporter and practitioner from Indonesia, a CEO, a business owner) who always works with my company before. I told her this condition and she told me to be aware. I asked so many questions about Mr. Nursyamsu's experiences in signing MoU, in export to Africa, about the consulate, and so on. Has he ever gone to another country to sign a MoU? And the answer is no. "Just follow their flow Kak, so we all will know." OK, for sure. "Also if something happen, just contact us or our consulate so we can work together to handle this." 
Hmm, the game is getting very exciting, right?

While I was stalking, I found a very relate website

Then comes the purpose of the scam.
You will be asked to pay various never-ending fees for a (fake) barrister to represent you in their country, product registration, import license, health certificate etc.., all accompanied by realistic looking documents. If you pay, a request for a new document will follow for an even higher fee. These can be a few thousand dollars to upwards of $30,000. As with all advance fee fraud, if you balk at paying, they may lower the fee by offering to pay part of it themselves.

Payment may be requested via Western Union or Money Gram, but also through bank transfers. Please read: Western Union/MoneyGram Indicate Scam!!! and Don't Pay Strangers via Bank to Bank Transfer and Be Cautious Paying with PayPal

Hmm, it seems that I have already got so many proof that they were scammers. I convinced my CEO, my best friend, this has to be ended. I will follow every step they're asking, and when the time come, let's finish this, DUARR!!! 

“HasbunAllah wani’mal wakil, ni’mal mawla wani’man nasiir.” Allah is the best helper and there cannot be anyone better than Him.

To be continued to Part 3....

West Africa Export-Import Scam Part 1

I want to write this blog using English (not in Indonesian language) this time because it's related to my experience that I had in early November in Export-Import Business. I don't want you or any of us in this world to be a victim in this business so I wrote this post. Because it's gonna be very long story, I will make some parts so you can read it carefully one by one. This is Part One.

I work at two companies right now and both of the business lines are exporting. We've exporting so many things to the globe. Because I'm a Marketing Director in PT. Organik Sejahtera Indonesia, then I am responsible to look for the buyers from anywhere around the world. I looked at some export websites such as,, and to find buyers.

Actually it was going very well and smoothly until I found one buyer that replied to my email with a very fantastic offer on September 17, 2022 from Ubione Investment Company <> represented by Mr. William Smith in Lome, Togo, West Africa.

"Now, I want to let you know that there are three companies combined as one company. They want to buy the Coconut Charcoal Briquette for BBQ. on a Contract between : 150, 000 and 250, 000 MT for the period of 3 years before they can renew the Contract to all your company to continue with the supply."

Wow! I stayed calm (like I always did), and I even thinking about why three companies combined as one company? Is it really exist in this world? I told my CEO about this project and I asked her to pray istikhāra (It is a Sunnah Muslim prayer of two raka'at with the intention to seek guidance from Allah s.w.t. on whether to proceed or to withdraw from the matter). She prayed then we rejected this project. We're afraid we can't fulfill their really huge quantity. It's super huge right?😨

In October, we went to the Indonesia Trade Expo held at ICE BSD City, Tangerang. We speak with many charcoal business owners (suppliers) and asked them how many quantities they can fulfill within a month. I wrote down the production capacity of each company one by one until I said to my CEO, "I think we can fulfill 250,000 MT for 3 years which means 7000 MT per month. We have so many fellow suppliers now."

I sent an approaching email again to, stating that we've looked over the suppliers across Java island to fulfill their needs and now we're very confident with our capability. Just few hours later (it's fast), I've got a reply:

"Dear Meutia Halida Khairani,
How are you doing today? I hope you are fine and doing very well. I'm fine and doing well also. Thanks for your mail again.

I strongly believe that your company is very ready and capable to handle the Contract Supply of the products to the three companies under one company with their required quantity for the period of 3 years.
I have been discussing with the companies today since morning I received your mail. They are saying that they don't know whether your company is capable to meet up and to complete all their Contract Terms and Conditions which shall only lead to the transfer of your advance payment into your bank account.

They were telling me that, there is a company they want to award the Contract to. I begged them on behalf of your company not to give the Contract to another company. They said the way you disappeared without hearing from you again for such a long time made them to decide to give the Contract to another company who can handle and finalize the Contract Project.

I answered them that you went back to arrange things to make sure that your company shall be able to meet up with their required quantity of between : 150, 000 and 250, 000 Tons for the period of 3 years. I told them you have agreed with assurance that, anything which their Contract Terms and Requirements and Conditions shall require from them, they are ready and capable to do and to provide it, then, they agreed to listen to your company again.

Please, if you know your company can't meet up with their Contract Terms and Conditions, let me know now so that, they can go ahead to give the Contract to another company because, I don't want any problem at all.

If you are okay and sure that your company can proceed to meet up with their required quantity, Contract Terms and Conditions, go ahead and send me the price for me to submit it to them so that, they can let you know their Payment Terms and Contract Terms and Conditions.

I hope for your reply as you get this mail with the prices.

Best regards,
Mr. Williams Smith
Ubione Investment Company
Tel :+22 8 90 85 10 18"

Such a long narrative right? And it seems a bit weird🤔. But I replied to him with the catalog. We have 5 different items on the catalog and the suspicious thing is, they buy it all without asking any kind of the characteristics of the product. The usual buyer is gonna ask the Ash Content, the Burning Rate of the briquette and so on, but him? He bought all of our products without asking, without bargaining the price.  What? Really? 
If you can't read my screenshot, here's I copy and paste the email to you:

Dear Meutia Halida Khairani,

How are you doing today? I hope you are fine and doing well. Thanks for your mail with the prices of the products. I have received it and as well, I have been to meet the Chairman and Secretary of the three companies which come under one company.

I have shown the prices of the products after I added extra $20 per Ton on top of the prices. They have concluded to buy the products from your company as long as your company is able to comply with their Contract Terms and Conditions by providing all that their Contract Terms and Conditions shall require from your company to do and to provide.

Meanwhile, below is the summary of what they want to buy from your company for your confirmation before I shall proceed to submit the prices to their General Board of Directors today:

 1.COCO BRIQUETTE : COCONUT SHELL CHARCOAL - $1520 / Ton Qty. 50 000 Tons = $76 000 000

2.COCO BRIQUETTE: COCONUT SHELL CHARCOAL - $1220 / Ton Qty. 50 000 Tons = $61 000 000

3.COCO BRIQUETTE: COCONUT SHELL CHARCOAL (Silver) - $1420 / Ton Qty. 50 000 Tons = $71 000 000

4.COCO BRIQUETTE: COCONUT SHELL CHARCOAL (Gold°   - $1520 / Tons Qty. 50 O00 Tons = $76 000 000

5.COCO BRIQUETTE: COCONUT SHELL CHARCOAL (Diamond) - $1620 / Tons Qty.50 000 Tons = $81 000 000

Total Contract Order : 250 000 Tons for the period of 3 years.

Contract Amount: $365 000 000.

So, when your company confirms her ability to handle, finalize and execute this Contract, I shall officially, submit the prices to the Board General of Directors for their study and confirmation.

The above is for your company whether your company can handle the Contract. I hope for your reply as soon as you get this mail for me to submit the prices to them.

Best regards,
Mr. Williams Smith

Honestly I really don't believe that, but my mind have to be positive. I reply to his message and asked him to scheduling the phone call or a meeting with my team using Zoom, but he replied me to confirm that I can fulfill their needs.  I was wondering, "Is the confirmation statement should be written in the email?" I just follow him then I wrote,

Ok, I read your email at my gmail and Our company can confirm the stated quantity.
In the next, please let me know:
1. Payment term
2. Shipment term (how many MT per month to send)
3. The specification of the briquette. The size you need, the packaging, the ash content, and so on.
4. The container size. 40 feet container fits 26 ton of 25x25x25 cube briquette.
5. If there's any, please let me know.

After this, he replied me with super long contract email. I read the contract with my team carefully. I asked him to schedule a meeting via Zoom or Google Meets or anything to discuss about this contract and he never wanted to. I asked him to schedule the phone call, he always ignored me. Ok, my common sense said this is a scam but I really wanted to know, which part they will ask us for money. Then I've got a plan. Will continue to Part 2 and I will post about the contract. Stay tuned!

September 23, 2022


Dalam dua bulan ini, dengan berbagai macam masalah yang datang silih berganti, saya jadi banyak merenung. Saya merasa tumpukan masalah paling banyak dimulai dari bulan Agustus. Mungkin ini bagian dari akibat saya tidak berusaha menyelesaikan satu-persatu masalah, malah mencoba cuek, dan hasilnya semua masalah itu minta diselesaikan secara berbarengan.

Apa yang terjadi kemudian? Saya jadi sakit. Saya rasa kombinasi flu, alergi, sesak napas, demam, kambuh semua, bahkan lebih parah rasanya dari kena COVID🤒. Malah reaksinya kena ke kulit, jadi banyak sekali jerawat dan ruam di badan. Rasanya tubuh lemah sekali. Jangankan mau jalan-jalan, keluar kamar aja berat sekali. Pusing dan ngilu tulang tak tertahankan. Ditambah kehilangan selera makan.

Mungkin ini dampak dari dosa-dosa saya selama ini. Jadi harus bersabar dan terus berikhtiar untuk sembuh. Saya minum obat banyak banget, ditambah obat oles dan wajib mandi dua kali sehari. Duh, udah flu berat, mandi harus dua kali sehari lagi. Lelah sekali rasanya. Tapi apa pun saran dokter, saya ikutin, sampai badan jadi tambah kurus karena sakit, saya terima saja. Nanti tinggal makan sehat kembali untuk proses pemulihan.

Mungkin sekitar satu minggu waktu yang saya butuhkan untuk agak pulih. Setelah itu sisa-sisa batuk berlangsung selama dua minggu. Saya kemudian melanjutkan minum antibiotik kulit dalam kurun waktu dua minggu. Mana harga antibiotiknya sebiji Rp. 32rb dan saya harus minum sebanyak 28 biji. Ditambah dengan antibiotik untuk flu, batuk, dan sesak napas, total saya sudah meminum 35 biji antibiotik. Subhanallah. Saya tetap pasrah saja, sekalian makan dan minum yang bergizi, perbanyak sayur dan buah untuk memperbaiki tekstur kulit yang rusak karena penyakit. Belum lagi stamina badan belum sembuh benar.

Mungkin ini salah satu dampak dari stres, dan obat terbaik adalah mendekatkan diri pada Allah subhanahu wata'ala. Saya kembali membaca buku-buku agama yang sudah saya beli dari ntah kapan, tapi hanya terpampang saja diatas lemari. Saya baca satu demi satu dan mulai membuka wawasan dan pikiran saya tentang tawakkal kepada Allahﷻ. Termasuk buku-buku yang membuat pola hidup saya berubah. Saya harus tidur cepat dan bangun sebelum Shubuh untuk menyempatkan diri shalat tahajjud. Setelah itu tidak boleh tidur lagi, sedekah di waktu Shubuh, Dhuha, dan tidur siang. Pola seperti ini justru membuat hidup saya merasa lebih baik. Di kala saya tidak bisa berharap banyak pada manusia tentang rezeki (sebenarnya memang wajib berharap hanya kepada Allah), justru Allah selalu mencukupkan rezeki. 
Setelah pikiran lebih jernih, saya mulai fokus pada bisnis baru. Saya belajar mati-matian, siang dan malam, menelepon banyak orang, mengumpulkan banyak bahan, berdiskusi, menonton video para pakar, dan membuat catatan. Hal yang paling saya rasakan adalah bahwa dulu saya termasuk orang yang sombong. Baru diberikan sedikit lebih banyak rezeki dari orang lain, udah belagu. Padahal, harta itu akan di hisab di akhirat kelak. 

Saya baru sadar, selama ini setiap saya menjadi pengajar, saya paling malas menjawab pertanyaan-pertanyaan sepele apalagi yang berulang-ulang ditanyakan padahal sudah saya jawab. Kenapa tadi enggak disimak? Ngapain sih nanya itu lagi itu lagi? Huft, I am a bad person. Ketika sekarang saya berbisnis di lingkungan baru, ntah berapa kali saya bertanya pertanyaan bodoh dan berulang, tapi semua orang mau menjawab dengan baik. Mungkin ini beda kasta kita dalam berilmu, bahwa semakin pintar seseorang, dia akan semakin tawadhu' (rendah hati). Kenapa saya sombong sekali selama ini? Padahal kalau dibandingkan kekayaannya, mereka jauuuh lebih kaya. Kalau dibandingkan pintarnya, mereka jauh lebih berilmu. Dan sikap mereka dalam menghadapi saya bisa santai saja, gampang memaafkan dan melupakan masalah, padahal ini bisnis, mereka bisa saja dirugikan karena saya, tapi mereka tetap baik sekali🥹.

Walaupun demikian, saya tetap bersyukur karena Allah telah memberi saya petunjuk kalau selama ini saya juga salah. Mungkin ada orang-orang yang memperlakukan saya kurang baik karena akibat dosa-dosa saya. Setiap nonton kajian di youtube, saya jadi lebih sadar diri kalau segala hal di dunia ini tidak abadi. Serahkan segala macam urusan kepada Allah ﷻ saja. Walaupun beberapa waktu yang lalu saya kehilangan banyak teman (yang saya kira) dekat, tapi Allah tetap mendekatkan dengan teman yang benar-benar baik, para pebisnis yang baik juga, dan mereka selalu mengingatkan saya untuk selalu beribadah kepada Allah ﷻ. Mereka juga mengingatkan saya untuk terus berdoa kepada Allah ﷻ, di semua waktu paling mustajab berdoa. Saya ikuti saja, semoga terus bisa istiqamah, dan hasilnya saya jadi lebih tenang. Penyakit di badan sudah 80% sembuh, penyakit hati pun berangsur-angsur membaik.

 أَلَا بِذِكْرِ اللَّهِ تَطْمَئِنُّ الْقُلُوب

Artinya: "Ingatlah, hanya dengan mengingat Allah hati menjadi tenteram." (QS 13:28).

Semoga Allahﷻ terus memberikan petunjuk kepada kita semua. Aamiin🤲. Saya akan mulai menuliskan blog lagi tentang seluruh perjalanan saya selama ini. Insya Allah. Silahkan di cek saja postingan yang lalu karena saya akan menuliskan sesuai tanggal kejadian.

Sampai jumpa!

September 01, 2022

Trust Issue

Sudah bulan September. Beberapa bulan lagi kita bakalan bertemu tahun 2023, Insya Allah. Nggak terasa ya. Seolah baru saja saya lolos Visa US di awal tahun 2022, berpikir tidak akan bisa dalam waktu dekat menginjakkan kaki di Negeri Paman Sam, tapi ternyata bisa, bahkan sampai dua kali, Alhamdulillah.

Tapi ternyata kehidupan saya dari Januari sampai September ini tidak semua sesuai harapan. Mungkin karena selama ini saya masih berharap pada 'manusia', sedangkan kita hanya boleh berharap penuh pada Allah SWT. Dimulai dengan menutup perusahaan sementara, sampai kehilangan beberapa teman dekat😢. Saya akan menceritakannya dalam postingan ini, tapi ada beberapa hal yang saya tulis berupa implisit, ambigu, atau secara samar agar melindungi privasi.

Pertemanan yang rumit...
Saya merasa hubungan dengan dia jadi lebih baik, apalagi setelah kami sama-sama berlibur di Disneyland, The happiest place on earth (tempat paling bahagia di dunia). Bulan Maret yang lalu, saya ke Amrik untuk urusan pekerjaan. Saya menyempatkan diri untuk bertemu dengan seorang teman yang biasa sering jadi teman trip selama di Indonesia pada masa pandemi 2021. Setelah dia kuliah ke Amerika, kita jarang bertemu. Kebetulan ada kesempatan, kita menyempatkan untuk jalan-jalan walau hanya beberapa hari saja.

Trip terakhir saya dengannya yaitu ke Meksiko di bulan Mei. Saya mengira hubungan kita baik-baik saja sampai ketika dia sama sekali tidak punya waktu untuk bertemu selama saya ke New York City (NYC). Padahal, sebelum saya ke NYC, kita sudah janjian dulu kapan mau main, sehingga saya menyisihkan waktu. Ntah apa yang terjadi padanya, saya juga kurang tau. Tiba-tiba dia sangat lambat dalam membalas Whatsapp saya dan sangat jarang mau mengangkat telepon dari saya. Saya jadi bertanya-tanya alasan kenapa dia begitu, tapi tetap tidak ada jawaban. Sampai akhirnya saya terbang ke Maroko, kami pun tidak bertemu. Saya kira kita adalah teman dekat. Atau paling nggak, dia menyebutkan alasan yang masuk akal kenapa tidak bisa jalan-jalan di NYC karena usaha ke Amrik itu berbeda dengan ke Bandung. Butuh waktu, uang, dan tenaga, yang tidak sedikit. Seandainya dari awal memang tidak bisa jalan-jalan, mungkin saya akan langsung pulang saja ke Indonesia tanpa perlu menyiapkan rencana lainnya. Dan seandainya bilang dari awal, saya tidak akan kecewa seperti ini.

Dia sempat bilang akan main (bersama saya) di Indonesia saja karena dia akan pulang untuk Internship. Tapi tetap, dia tidak meresponse Whatsapp saya walaupun memposting Instagram Story sampai beberapa kali dimana dia bertemu dengan teman-temannya terus-menerus. Kenapa kita harus selalu posting di sosial media yang terkadang saya malas banget buka? Apalagi kalau sedang sakit atau sibuk. Bahkan ada beberapa teman menuliskan pengumuman di Instagram Story dimana kalau kita tidak segera baca, maka akan terlewatkan pengumuman itu. 

Saya jadi bertanya-tanya, kalau level pertemanan ada 10, mungkin saya berada di no. 2 atau 3 dimana sangat sangat tidak penting. Sempat sekali akhirnya kita bertemu, itu pun tidak sampai satu jam karena dia harus bertemu dengan temannya lagi. Belum pun sempat ngobrol banyak, udah minta pulang. Melihat hp yang selalu dia buka, sangat tidak mungkin untuk dia tidak membaca pesan atau melihat ada yang menelepon, kalau memang itu disengaja.
Always amazing
Mungkin saya selama ini salah menilainya. Kita memang kenal hanya 1,5 tahun yang berarti tidak ada apa-apa dibanding yang lain. Padahal menurut saya teman trip bisa lebih dekat secara emosional karena kita pernah melalui hal baik dan buruk selama perjalanan. Saya bisa menjaga pertemanan dengan banyak teman trip, tapi kenapa dengan dia enggak. Ya setiap orang boleh memilih siapa aja sebagai teman, dan mungkin saya bukan pilihannya. Sempat sedih sih, mengingat selama ini kita sering jalan-jalan bersama. Kita juga 'klik' kalau ngobrol. Mungkin usaha saya mengunjunginya ke Amrik tidak ada apa-apanya dibanding dengan teman-temannya yang selalu dia temui selama di Indonesia.

Sekarang dia sudah kembali ke Amrik. Semoga kuliahnya lancar, selalu dalam lindungan Allah subhanahu wata'ala, semoga teman-temannya di Indonesia bisa segera mengunjunginya kesana dan semoga dia bisa menemani mereka tanpa harus hilang begitu saja.

Ada hal lain lagi...
Kita sudah berteman lama, dan saya sudah merasa sangat dekat dengan beberapa orang. Tetapi setelah beberapa tahun bekerja bersama, ternyata kedekatan pertemanan itu bisa dipertanyakan. Saya sebagai terkadang merasa tidak dihargai, mereka merasa bisa seenaknya di perusahaan. Kadang datang, kadang enggak. Kadang mau meeting, kadang enggak. Kalau bukan saya yang mengingatkan untuk datang ke kantor, mereka tidak datang atas inisiatif sendiri, begitu pula dengan weekly meeting dengan zoom. Saya nggak bisa memaksa juga, hanya saja kepercayaan saya semakin lama semakin berkurang. Ada masalah di pemasukan perusahaan juga tidak terlalu mau mereka pikirkan, pencatatan laporan keuangan pun kadang telat.

Saya membaca buku tentang kepemimpinan di masa Rasulullah SAW, beliau hanya menempatkan orang-orang pada posisi tertentu yang benar-benar bisa dipertanggungjawabkan. Disitu saya merasa salah, sekitar dua tahun kebelakang, saya merasa kalau bekerja hanya dengan orang-orang yang tidak sungguh-sungguh di posisinya. Apakah mereka hanya menghargai saya sebagai teman, sehingga tidak berani untuk resign? Atau memang peraturan perusahaan yang sangat sangat longgar, sehingga semua karyawan ngelunjak. Mana mungkin bisa seperti itu di perusahaan lain. Dan saya sama sekali tidak tegas, tidak membuat KPI, tidak membuat target juga, huft! Yang pusing siapa? Ya saya sendiri pada akhirnya😅.
Setelah saya menutup sementara perusahaan, fokus pertama saya adalah membereskan perhutangan. Hal ini tidak berjalan terlalu mulus. Tiba-tiba saja semua sumber mata pencarian untuk menebus hutang malah tutup, bertepatan dengan jadwal saya harus ke Amrik. Awalnya saya memang sudah bercerita tentang rencana ke Amrik pada beberapa orang. Saya mengira mereka mendukung kepergian saya ntah itu untuk mencari peluang bisnis baru, atau ilmu baru. Tapi ternyata tidak semanis itu... Apalagi mereka tau kalau bisnis di Amrik nilai besar. Siapa yang tidak tergiur?

Saya sudah berusaha untuk memastikan semua hutang tetap terbayar, tapi tiba-tiba ada masalah itu diluar kuasa saya. Uang yang saya alokasikan untuk ke Amrik tidak mungkin mendadak harus saya alokasikan untuk membayar hutang karena saya pada saat itu sudah (tengah) berada di Amerika. Sejak saat itu, mulailah muncul sifat hasad dari beberapa orang. Mereka tidak akan memperhitungkan usaha saya untuk tetap berusaha mengatasi masalah yang ada, atau paling tidak bisa membantu menyumbang ide. Yang mereka lihat adalah saya jalan-jalan ke Amerika tapi urusan banyak yang belum selesai. Padahal yang berhutang adalah perusahan, dimana dulu berhutang juga untuk kegiatan operasional. Saya rasa hampir semua perusahaan memiliki hutang, baik yang sudah besar sekali pun. Tinggal bagaimana cara mengatasinya saja. Tapi kita memang tidak bisa menahan semua orang untuk berpikiran negatif. Pasti ada saja cara setan mengganggu...

Lalu bagaimana sekarang? Bisnis baru tetap jalan dan insya Allah jauh lebih baik, hutang-hutang perusahaan tetap diusahakan bayar, tapi untuk berteman dengan mereka, jujur saja jadi agak malas. Padahal cara terbaik untuk move on adalah memaafkan. Kita berteman sejak awal untuk membangun kepercayaan dari hal-hal sepele. Berharap pada hal yang lebih besar. Tapi hidup seperti roller coaster yang terkadang diatas, lalu terjun ke bawah sampai hancur lebur. Mungkin selama ini adalah kesalahan saya, terlalu berharap, terlalu percaya. Tapi mungkin saya hanya manusia biasa yang ingin memulai sesuatu dengan hal-hal baik dulu, yaitu mempercayai orang, dan berharap nanti kedepannya bisa lebih baik. Tapi balik lagi, jangan berharap pada manusia.

"Aku sudah pernah merasakan semua kepahitan dalam hidup dan yang paling pahit ialah berharap kepada manusia." - Ali bin Abi Thalib

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